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Published on December 18th, 2018 - Last update on December 19th, 2018 - Reviewed by: Dash

I Confess Files is in a bit of a weird spot. It can honestly claim a small library of surprisingly good, but shocking – at least to Catholics – content, and it’s part of the excellent Private network. However, things are a bit worse than that, and some things are very concerning. On the other hand, we’ve come to a certain expectation of Private network sites. So dive in with us and let’s see if I Confess Files is worth buying into.


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The claim to fame

The library begins the offer, as always, and at I Confess Files it’s frankly a bit disappointing. The last video posted is dated to late 2015, and there are only eighteen videos total. Some are more shocking than others, but each is at least well done, with relatively high production values and the videos available both to stream and download in full HD. Sadly, not every video has a gallery, but those that do don’t have photos, instead having only the poorer offering of vid caps. You do get access to all of the Private network, luckily, including great sites we’ve looked at like Anal Introductions that can honestly claim to have none, or at least very few of these issues. There’s just not enough content here directly, even if there’s plenty as bonus.


18+ Vids

Last update October ’15

Lenght: ∼25 min

Max DL Res: HD 1080p

Max STR Res: HD 1080p

No Limt Download


9+ Pic Sets

Last update October ’15

Pics x Set: ∼7

Slideshow: 1600x900p

Zipped: 1600x900p

Zip Files: ∼2 MB


1.208+ Models

Ethnicities: White (Europe based)

Ages: 18-30+

From thin to average

Amateurs to semi pros

Model Index: Yes

Technical Info

DL Speed: 50 MB/sec

Streaming: 1-3 sec buffer

Multiple DL/STR resolutions

Vid Format: mp4 4500Kb/s

Pic Format: jpg

Billers: Epoch – Rocket Gate

Members area screenshots

I Confess Files is part of Private

Author’s opinion

  • 12
    Content Amount - 12
  • 85
    Production Quality - 85
  • 89
    Navigation/Usability - 89
  • 91
    Extra features - 91
  • 90
    Value - 90

I Confess Files is, well, shocking. Not because of the potentially rapey priests or the whole idea of subverting the confessional booth to a much more fun and less dignified purpose, though those ideas are probably also shocking to the right kind of person. No, for us, I Confess Files is shocking because this is, frankly, a great and unexpected porn niche – who doesn’t love subversion of something they’re not personally invested in, and add hardcore to that – but that it’s been so neglected by, of all networks, Private. I Confess Files earns a score of only seventy three point four points out of a possible one hundred. Buy into a different Private site and get access that way, unless you -really- want this niche in particular.

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